Caption of Wearing Mask

A Plight of Wear Mask Campaign

National Mask Distribution & Awareness Initiatives

During Pandemic, we have launched a National Mask Distribution and Mass Awareness self funded Project on November 28, 2020 inviting community leaders from different organizations. Under this initiative, we have already conducted Mask Distribution in 24 Districts out of 64 Districts of Bangladesh within our means. In the campaign, local volunteers, community leaders, government concern officials were present.

Covid19: Relief Distribution

Over the pandemic we have been trying to extend supports to the underprivileged people within our means. Our young volunteers tried to reach out estimated target families who were really in need of support during the lockdown and lost their works.. We also provided Eid Gifts to the needy families during pandemic as usual part of our services.


Volunteer at Door Step

Part of Voluntary initiative.


Closing Remark

4th Global Conference held on April 3-6, 2021

Covid19: Virtual Awareness Campaign-Global Community Talks

During Covid19, aimed to keep people mentally sound and relaxed as well as free from anxiety, we have hosted numerous Virtual Dialogue via “Community Talks” Platform which has a massive impact in the society creating awareness of people from all ages. We have invited academicians, researchers, community leaders, youngstars, government authorities both from home and abroad to share their views on many crisis during Covid19. Our core priority was on Gender Equality, Child Health and Mental Health issues and son.

Every year we organize International Conference followed by observing World Social Work Day (WSWD). On 2021, April 3-6, we have had our 4th Global Conference, where around 147 papers were presented from 31 countries.